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Latest Releases:

February 2024 – Download your digital copy of the 2023 FOCA Year in Review (PDF, 5.5 MB, 16 pages) for an overview of FOCA’s priority files, programs, advocacy, communications and events in 2023, in support of healthy and sustainable waterfronts across Ontario, and the volunteer lake and community associations and waterfront property owners who love the waterfront.

Download your digital copy of the 2023 Ontario Lake Stewards Magazine (PDF, 6.5 MB, 32 pages) – this edition of FOCA’s annual newsletter is brimming with articles about fire safety, Association best practices for finding and engaging volunteers, road association liability questions, blue-green algae blooms, stopping the spread of invasive species by boats, wood ash application in forests, and more hot topics!

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Be #WakeAware (YouTube; 1:00 minute; 2021) This campaign to take wake fun to the appropriate part of the lake – away from shorelines – is a joint effort of FOCA, the Muskoka Lakes Association, and Safe Quiet Lakes. Click the video for sound, or to watch it on YouTube.

Annual Reports & Strategic Plans:

Download a digital copy of the 2022 FOCA Year in Review (PDF, 12 pages)

2021 FOCA Year in Review (PDF, 1.4 MB, 8 pages) 

2020 FOCA Year in Review (PDF, 3.6 MB, 12 pages) 

FOCA: Strategic Plan 2020-2023 (PDF, 1.4 MB, 8 pages)

2019 FOCA Year in Review (PDF, 2.4 MB, 12 pages)

2018 FOCA Year in Review (PDF, 4 MB, 12 pages)

Videos, Reports & Guides:

Have you read FOCA’s economic impact report yet?

The Economic Impacts of Waterfront Property Households in Ontario. This is a digital-only FOCA publication.

Learn more here.

The Role of Waterfront Property Owners in Rural Economic Development in Eastern Ontario (PDF, 1.2 MB, 56 pages; FOCA 2018) and related Infographic (PDF, 0.5 MB, 1 page).

This is a digital-only publication. 

A Shoreline Owner’s Guide to Healthy Waterfronts (PDF, 2.4 MB, 28 pages) Essential reading!

Members: contact FOCA for print copies of this Guide, while supplies last. 

A Guide to Municipal Engagement for Ontario Lake Associations (PDF, 1 MB, 20 pages) – how & why to engage with your municipal partners, year-round.

This is a digital-only publication.

A Shoreline Owner’s Guide to Invasive Species (PDF, 1 MB, 16 pages) 

Members: contact FOCA for print copies while supplies last. 

Septic Re-inspection Programs in Ontario – A Guide for Community Groups (PDF, 9 MB, 37 pages) and related Infographic (PDF, 0.7 MB, 1 page – pictured above).

This is a digital-only publication.

A FOCA Guide to Citizen Science at the Lake (PDF, 1.5 MB, 52 pages) – what kinds of water monitoring can be done, how and why.

This is a digital-only publication.

Managing Your Waterfront Property in a Changing Climate (PDF, 3.5 MB, 20 pages) 

Members: contact FOCA for print copies while supplies last. 

About the Lake Partner Program (PDF, 7 MB, pages; FOCA 2020) – the history of the program, what is monitored, who uses the results, why it matters.

This is a digital-only publication.

Take the Plunge: A Guide to Stewardship of Ontario’s Waters has been a staple since 1998! Click to open a PDF of the Table of Contents. 

Members: contact FOCA for print copies; there is no digital version of this guide. 

The Lake Planning Handbook for Community Groups is your association’s step-by-step guide to engage your lake community in strategic planning and stewardship initiatives! 

Out of print, but members can contact FOCA for access to the digital edition including a full resource kit, sample materials, and example lake plans.

FOCA Video: Why Citizen Science Matters (YouTube, 2 min, 2018)

FOCA Video: Lake Associations (YouTube, 6 min, 2017) – why do lake associations matter? find out in this beautiful short film.

FOCA Video: Lake Associations in Action (YouTube, 2 min, 2018) – what do lake associations do for the waterfront community?

Lake Stewards Newsletter Archives:

FOCA publishes an annual Lake Stewards Newsletter each summer. The newsletters are filled with updates on environmental and policy updates, association best practices and articles from our partners. The print version is mailed to the titled executive members of our Member Associations and our Annual Supporters. The digital version is available to everyone here. The most current edition is at the top of this webpage. Some past editions are posted below, since many of the topics are perennial:

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