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8 Shoreline Construction Projects Building a dock or boathouse along your waterfront can impact important shoreline habitat by covering fish spawning areas removing rocks and logs that provide shelter causing erosion from bank disturbance removing vegetation and even introducing toxic substances if improper building materials are used. There are ways to limit disturbances to shoreline areas when construction projects are taking place.Avoid work during fish spawning times. Check whether you need a permit for shoreline work including dock and boathouse construction aquatic weed removal and beach creation. If your property fronts onto the Trent Severn Waterway or the Rideau Canal you will need to contact Parks Canada about any shoreline projects. Fish Friendly Dock Structures One of the most common in-water construction projects that waterfront property owners undertake is dock building. The information and drawings below outline some of the most popular dock designs and their impacts on fish and aquatic habitat. Floating docks are among the most fish friendly. Floating Dock Simply designed and easy to build Causes minimal disruption of lake bed Minimal shading of aquatic plants Free flow of water underneath Least environmental impact Pipe Dock Little contact with lake bed Minimal shading of aquatic plants Adjustable to water fluctuations Free flow of water underneath Minimal environmental impact