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4 For more see httpfoca.on.caclimate-change-and-waterfront-Ontario Climate Change and Cottage Country Our climate is changing in large part from human causes.An increase in extreme weather events is anticipated due to climate change including drought heavy rainfall and extremes and shifts in temperature. In cottage country we need to be prepared for emergency situations such as power outages from downed trees and power lines. Be sure to have adequate supplies of drinking water extra food and alternative light sources at the cottage in case of emergency. Aquatic ecosystems are very vulnerable to climate change. Even small changes can cause big impacts.Weather variables affect lake dynamics such as water temperature water levels the number of ice-free days nutrient runoff and erosion. Physical and biological aspects of lakessuch as temperature stratification water temperatures the numbers and types of bacteria and algae and the timing of seasonal events like fish spawningmay be affected. Climate change will affect our land and water resources our economy our communities and all of us as individuals. Some likely developments for Ontario include Extreme heat events will be more common. The frequency of intense rainfalls will increase leading to more flooding events. Precipitation distribution will likely change with more in the winter and less in the summer reducing surface and groundwater levels. Declines in the duration of winter ice may reduce the likelihood for winter fish kills in shallow lakes. Fish growth rate should increase but not at the same rate for each species. The food chain will likely be altered. Extreme weather events are also likely to increase the effects of erosion and may affect shoreline infrastructure.The best defence against these forces of nature is a well-established and well-rooted naturalized shoreline along with thoughtfully designed dock systems. You have a role to play in maintaining the health of your lake ecosystem and to mitigate the effects of climate change. Learn more on the following pages.