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21 FOCA and Lake Stewardship FOCA the Federation of Ontario Cottagers Associations formed over 50 years ago in 1963 because of cottage owners concerns about water quality and a desire to protect the Ontario waterfront for future generations. During the 1990s FOCA and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources now MNRF piloted one of the first programs for lake stewardship in Ontario with volunteer Lake Stewards a designated member from each FOCA member lake Association trained in environmental issues facing cottage associations. Each year FOCA publishes the annual Lake Stewards Newsletter with updates and tips. Find online editions here httpfoca.on.canewspublications. Today FOCA has more than 500 member Associations all across Ontario that represent a total of 50000 waterfront families. Ontarios lakefront communities are experiencing changing demographics increased development pressure and many uncertain but significant climactic changes. We thank all the many individuals who are Lake Stewards at their own waterbody and we are always excited to welcome new Lake Stewards as well as new FOCA supporters. Is there a lake association at your waterbody Find out httpfoca.on.camember-serviceslist-of-associations Find out more about how you can get involved for the sake of your waterfront httpfoca.on.caaboutyour-role