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12 Native Plant Gardening When gardening think about enhancing the habitat value of your property by planting native vegetation. Native plants thrive with minimal care and maintenance they are a natural choice for cottage properties since they dont require the watering or chemical support that many of their exotic counterparts depend on. By providing shelter to local wildlife species native plants contribute to biodiversity and the preservation of local gene pools. Native plants also give your property a sense of place. Indigenous wildlife species such as birds bees and butterflies will help to bring a native plant garden to life. With a variety of beautiful native plants such as the black-eyed susan and butterfly milkweed left your landscape can be a splendour of colours through the seasons.Ask for native plants at your local garden centre and make sure the plants are native to the immediate area. Never dig plants from the wild. Bird Feeding Nannyberry serviceberry pin cherry and birch are all native shrubs and trees that are excellent choices for feeding birds throughout the fall and winter. Finches and other seed-eating birds feast on the seed heads of thistle and goldenrod in the fall and winter. When using a built birdfeeder in winter be sure to wash it to avoid transmitting disease and bacteria and maintain a consistent amount of food in the feeder for your feathered friends. For the Ontario Invasive Plants Councils Grow Me Instead guides visit httpfoca.on.cafact-sheets-videos and find links in the Additional Resources section.