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24 DorsetEnvironmentalScienceCentreJamesWilkesJamesWilkes Thriving Waterfronts Our Common Goal FOCAs mission is to protect thriving and sustainable waterfronts across Ontario. That means vibrant and safe waterfront communities environments animals and plants. So what makes cottage country so special Here are some of the characteristics people have told us matter the most to them at the cottage the pace of life is slower clean water and air abundant trees dark night skies and glorious sunsets family time where kids can play safely proximity to nature enjoying diverse landscapes and seasonal changes experiencing peace and quiet. Everyone has a role to play in maintaining thriving waterfronts Local lake associations can help make this a reality. Be sure to join yours as a member or volunteer to support your lake community. see page 21 for links Doing your part can improve your quality of life and help you feel at peace with nature as well as your waterfront neighbours. Encourage your visitors and friends to be safe respectful and courteous when they visit. Remind them of these soft rules while at the waterfront be discreet noise carries over water whether from a boat engine stereo or voices check fire regulations and burning restrictions before lighting any outdoor fires prevent wave damage to shorelines from boat wakes and limit speed near shore or around non-powered watercraft like canoes and kayaks. Most of all enjoy yourself at the waterfront FOCA encourages you to leave the lawn unmowed and take a nap in the hammock instead.