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Fact Sheets:

Algae (pdf; 2 pgs)

Blue Green Algae (pdf; 6 pgs)

Blue Green Algae and your drinking water system (pdf; 6 pgs)

Enhancing Habitat (pdf; 2 pgs)

Giant Hogweed (pdf; 2 pgs)

Healthy Shoreline Checklist (pdf; 2 pgs)

Natural Shorelines (pdf; 2 pgs)

Noise (pdf; 2 pgs)

Night Skies (pdf; 2 pgs)

Pollution Prevention (pdf; 2 pgs)

Septic Systems (pdf; 2 pgs)

Source Water Protection for Cottagers (pdf; 2 pgs)


Healthy Shorelines

Healthy Waterfront Habitats

Pollution Prevention


Shoreline tour of Kasshabog Lake (CHEX TV):
Part One

Part Two

Part Three


Additional Resources:

Michelle LewinArticles, Tips, Fact Sheets, Videos and other Resources